Colors of Tahiti Pearl Luxury

Since 1994, Tahiti Pearl Luxury is patiently searching for pearls with exceptional criteria. Reflecting the beauty of nature and the depth of one of the most beautiful lagoon, those gems are crafted in splendid piece of high jewelry and turned into unique creations as a tribute to the wonders of nature.

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The Spanish word for spring, a season signifying renewal and blossoming.

These diamond flowers mounted with a singular pearl portray,

in a very graceful way, the renewal and the beauty

of nature this time of year grants us.

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Royal Eden

An exquisite set of exceptional pearls forms this necklace. Those gems are elegantly assembled in a simple and yet majestic way. The pearls mesmerizing colors are the perfect complement to this design.

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Blooming Sea

A striking pearl shines brilliantly at the heart of this golden ring incrusted with diamonds. This floral shape ring is a perfectly crafted encounter between gems of the earth and sea.

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This Masterpiece is an encounter between the roman architecture and a jewel of the south sea.

This ring is a tribute to the roman coliseum with this oval set of diamonds sublimated by this hypnotic pearl sitting on top and shinning like the ancient civilisation glory days.

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A vivid pearl sits at the center of this piece. The perfect balance between elegance and opulence, with these diamonds of over 18 carats, creating a design that is magnificent in its simplicity.

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Vibrant pearls with shades of dark, pastel and white are the focal point of this gold design.

Set in a alternate pattern, those pearls are combined with diamonds giving life to this magnificent piece.



A Masterpiece inspired by the mysteries of nature and the influence of its most shining star, the sun.

These two exceptional pearls embody an astronomical event with elegance and portray the delicate balance in nature.



This Masterpiece from Les Néréides collection captures the spirit of the ocean and displays, in a graceful way, these natural jewels of the sea: the Tahitian Cultured Pearls.


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