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Our Philosophy

 “We want to share our know-how and our love for the Tahitian Cultured Pearl around the world." - Franck Tehaamatai, Founder of Tahiti Pearl Luxury

In the past, pearls were found in oysters that were originally collected for their shells to make buttons. Once in a while, pearl farmers had the chance to discover a pearl, perfectly formed that is called a fine Pearl. These pearls were of a high rarity, and therefore, were very costly.

Due to its scarcity because of the poor cultivation knowledge and techniques, these pearls have been considered as precious jewels.

The wonderful story of

Tahitian Pearls

An urban legend even tells that the famous jeweler Cartier, at the end of the 19th century had bought a building on the 5th Avenue in New York in which his company still remains, by selling a single black pearl of Tahiti necklace.
Many storytellers such as Jack London, Hermann Melville, John Steinbeck, Robert Louis
Stevenson, Henri de Monfreid and Albert London share captivating stories about Tahitian Pearls.

If legends attribute to Pearl mysterious origins such as a tear of a rose slipped into a shell after dark or the assimilation to the tears of a goddess ... the scientific version is a little more mundane. It would indeed be more likely than the intrusion of a grain of sand that the oyster tries to isolate there by creating a layer of mother of pearl around the intrusion or that of a little worm that perforates the shell thus creating a pearl.


In any case, it is often stated that you would have to open 15 000 to 20 000 oysters just to find a single natural pearl.

Since time immemorial, there were only natural pearls. They were extremely rare and more precious than diamonds.

A common Passion :

The sharing and pursuit of perfection

The Tehaamatai Family began their incredible adventure in 1994, on the atoll of Takaroa then gradually spread to different Tuamotu atolls. Today, our main pearl farm is located on the paradise atoll of Fakarava, classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The production is certainly very exciting, but the Tehaamatai family wanted to cross a new door, the one of opening its first jewelry store in Papeete in December 2003, which is called Tahiti Pearl Market.

After decoupling several shops to different concepts. The Tehaamatai familly is launching after 24 years of pearl expertise in high-end and Fine jewelry. After many years of harvest Tahiti Pearl Luxury has been able to amass many unique jewels. The search for perfection is therefore unavoidable, but is never fully acquired. This is the challenge facing Our House: that of pushing the limits of perfection and finding The Pearl that will be perfect for you.


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